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Hair Removal Services for Men


Pre-Care Waxing Recommendations
• Let hair grow out at least 2-3 weeks, or about 1/4 inch before waxing.
• Exfoliate the areas that will be waxed 1 day before your appointment.
• Do not apply any body lotion on the day of your appointment. The skin needs to be dry and free of any moisturizing products.

Post-Care Waxing Recommendations
• Begin exfoliating the area waxed 48 hrs after to prevent ingrown hairs.
• A warm to cool temperature shower/bath is recommended for the next 24 hours.
• You are more sensitive before your period, schedule waxing a few days after.
• Schedule your next appointment in 4-6 weeks for easy maintenance.

Please arrive freshly showered for all Bikini/Brazilian services • Stay out of the sun/tanning beds 48 hours before & after your waxing appointment

Hair Removal Services for Men

You don’t need to be a male model to want smooth, hairless skin. Male waxing is gaining popularity with men from all walks of life. Straight or gay; athlete or couch quarterback; professional or construction worker; it doesn’t matter. Male waxing has become an important and accepted part of male grooming.

Our estheticians have extensive experience with hair removal for men. Whether you want to clean up the hair that sneaks out of your collar, wax your chest, or even groom your pubic area with a male Brazilian wax, our esthetician team can help. With a perfected waxing technique, they can remove hair from your most sensitive areas with minimal discomfort and total discretion.

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Male Brazilian Waxing

Are you looking to better groom your pubic area? If so, a male Brazilian wax may be the answer for you. While many men may wax this area to please a partner, you will also enjoy the benefits of a Brazilian wax, including:

You may wonder what, exactly, is involved with a male Brazilian wax. Similar to a Brazilian wax for women, this treatment removes the hair from the front of your pubic region, including the scrotum. (For an additional fee, hair past the scrotum can also be removed.)

Because of the sensitivity of this region, you may experience some discomfort; however, our esthetic team can minimize the pain associated with a male Brazilian by:

Their professionalism ensures discretion and results that will please you (and your partner).

Waxing of Chest and Stomach

There is no one standard of chest hair on men. You may love to display your hairy chest or you may prefer to have a smooth, bare chest and stomach. If you are an athlete, you may find that waxing your chest hair provides you an edge in competition. Or, you may enjoy having chest hair, but would like it to be a little better managed. We have the treatments for you.

Using their trusted waxing technique, they can remove hair from your upper chest, or your lower stomach, or both your chest and stomach with minimal discomfort.

Waxing of Chest and Stomach

Back Hair Removal

Has the hair on your back kept you from taking off your shirt? Do you find that your back hair has become thicker over the years and now is too much? At Clean Slate Skin & Body we offer back hair removal with minimal discomfort.

Perhaps you have seen depictions in movies or heard a buddy describe how painful body waxing can be. Not to worry. The combination of low-temperature wax and the time-tested waxing technique used by our esthetic team saves you from back hair waxing pain.

Facial Hair Waxing for Men

Most people think facial waxing is for women only. That’s not true. While you most likely won’t want lip or chin waxing, there are still many facial hair removal treatments for men.

Just because you are a man, doesn’t mean you can’t have your eyebrows under control (unibrows do not have to be a part of being a man). Our esthetic team can sculpt your eyebrows without making them look waxed.

Other facial hair removal services available for men at Savon Spa include:

Other Hair Removal Treatments for Men

Whether you are looking for a male Brazilian wax, back hair removal, or other hair removal, you can expect amazing results and total discretion at Savon Spa. We are proud to serve male clients from the city of Chicago.

Corrective Brow shaping
Price: $40.00
Required points: 800
Eyebrow waxing or threading
Price: $18.00
Required points: 360
Full Leg
Price: $85.00
Required points: 1700
Half Leg
Price: $60.00
Required points: 1200
Full Arm
Price: $55.00
Required points: 900
Half Arm
Price: $45.00
Required points: 900
Under Arm
Price: $35.00
Required points: 700
Price: $35.00
Required points: 700
Price: $55.00
Required points: 1100

$55 and up.

Full Back
Price: $65.00
Required points: 1300

$65 and up.

Big Shoulders
Price: $30.00
Required points: 600
Nose Trim
Price: $18.00
Required points: 360
Ear Trim
Price: $18.00
Required points: 360
Price: $58.00
Required points: 1160
Toes or Knuckles
Price: $14.00
Required points: 280
Bikini – Front Sides
Price: $40.00
Required points: 800
Brazilian Bikini – Front & Back
Price: $75.00
Required points: 1500

$85 and up.

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